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Etymological Explanation

English Meaning
Usage Frequency Order
Integrated Structure-Frequency Order (Learning Order)
Ancient Fonts
Oracle bone script Bronze script Seal script
甲骨文 金文 小篆

Learning things meaningfully (asking why and even why of why, beyond what and how) helps to learn more efficiently. One way to learn meaningfully is to make use of the connections, which in the case of Chinese characters refers to the connections among characters in their formation, pronunciation and meaning such as the connection between “木(tree)”、“林(woods)”、“森(forest)”. Beside direct connections, indirect connections can also be useful and even more important for efficient learning. For example in the case of Chinese characters, direct connections helps to learn each individual characters better and meaningfully, while from the indirect connections calculated from mathematical analysis of the Chinese character map (CCMap), we developed (personalized) optimal Learning Order Algorithms (LOA) and efficient Chinese character Diagnosis Algorithm (DA) for users.

This website provides services for teachers and learners of Chinese characters based on the principle of meaningful learning and the three components: CCMap, LOA, and DA.

  • CCMap and Etymological explanation
  • User system (personalized learning order, learning history, diagnosis algorithm, under development)
  • Chinese Character Map in PDF and JPG format
  • Chinese Character Map dataset, including decomposition, usage frequency, optimal learning order ( Excel file, CSV file, Readme)
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